2021 3rd International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Urban Engineering (ICCAUE 2021)
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About Xiamen

Xiamen, also known as Ludao, is a sub-provincial city in Fujian Province. Xiamen is located in East China, the southeastern tip of Fujian Province. Xiamen is a city with a strong academic atmosphere. There are many universities in Xiamen, such as Jimei University, Xiamen University, and Huaqiao University. Xiamen is a scenic tourist city with abundant tourist resources. Xiamen has many famous tourist attractions, such as Gulangyu Island, Zhongshan Road, Baicheng Beach, Nanputuo Temple, etc. Xiamen, this natural garden between the mountains and the sea, this red brick garden for South Fujianese hard-working people, and this international garden with a blend of east and west, has gone through thousands of years of vicissitudes and thousands of years of wind and rain. It has been upgraded step by step and finally transformed into a billion The sea garden in the minds of thousands of Chinese people!